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Gutters and gutter covers

I’ve been putting it off for long enough.  The gutters get pretty awful this time of year because the oak trees drop those string things.  They get pretty bad in the autumn too.  When I peeked my head over the … Continue reading

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DIY tricks

I’ve tried a few DIY tricks recently that I thought I’d report about. I found a DIY laundry detergent recipe on Pinterest.  The cost is really low and I figured why not try it.  One tablespoon is reallio trulio enough … Continue reading

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Dehumidifier failure effects

In addition to the usual and expected results of not having a dehumidifier, I noticed today that there was condensation on the ductwork in the basement.  Using my laser thermometer I found that the ducts were about 62 degrees, and … Continue reading

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It’s in the details …

This weekend I got a bunch of little details taken care of.  The bathroom closet door has been sticking in the summer humidity and this has caused the door knob to loosen.  I used a tool I call a cheese … Continue reading

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Blueberry Pie

It’s 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, the kids are playing quietly, DH is working at his desk and I thought I’d get myself a quiet cup of coffee and a slice of blueberry pie leftover from this weekend.  Getting a … Continue reading

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Small Appliance Repair, follow up

The dehumidifier is still set up in the dining room but with the heat wave we are having, the central air conditioning is doing more to dehumidify than that little unit does.  The hygrometer, or whatever it is that detects … Continue reading

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With the dehumidifier on the fritz and not doing and dehumidifying I thought I might as well look and see if I can get it to work by opening it up and taking a look around.  Since it’s doing zero … Continue reading

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