Path, Part 1?

I am tired.  Seriously tired, but for a good reason.  I am half way to a new path next to the driveway!  Once again I didn’t properly get a “before” photo.  These were taken when I had already started at the street end and had removed the existing stone wall and started digging the base.

Before    canon 003

I  think it was almost two years ago that I asked my friend J to help dig out this path.  We struggled with a rented rototiller and after an hour gave up and confessed our butts were kicked–not something we readily admit.  It was only on returning it that the store clerk said, “well you know you need to remove this piece so it will dig properly.” Uh, no we did not. He also said, “and they told you at pick up that it will run more smoothly if you do…” Uhhh, that would be negative again.

We were so mad.  And tired.

In order to buy some time while I decided what to do about the path I put down some red mulch and ignored the problem.  Well, the time to ignore is over!

I dug the path, and then went back and re-dug it deeper to allow the gravel to actually stay on the path and not in the driveway.  I started at about 10:30 am and the digging was done a little after 3:00 when M came home from school.  I lost count at about 20 5-gallon Home Depot buckets.  I am very grateful to DH for taking the buckets from the driveway and putting them on my dirt pile.  We sort of ran out of room for more dirt but the other places to stash it were too far to carry.

dirt pileI think I can start thinking about that raised bed now.  I’ve got the dirt to fill it now.  The pile is almost waist high.

I rebuilt the stone wall.  It is tucked into the cutting I made in the ground, which means I could make the wall about 3 rocks high and it still lies flush with the grass.

Stone wall

The black layer is landscape fabric which is supposed to stop weeds from growing while allowing water to pass through.  In reality I find that some weeds work their way through the fabric, and others simply grow on top of the landscape fabric in the dirt that ends up there.  So why did I put it down?  Because I had some in the garden shed and it does not need to be there for the mice to nest in, and because perhaps and maybe there are some weeds it will 011

It still needs gravel between the bricks, that will be Part 2, but that is a whole ‘nother project as I need to collect the rocks from elsewhere in the garden.  I’m not sold on the pattern of bricks but it’s a start and I still need some more bricks to complete the pathway.


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