Oh Deer Fence!

Is this where I put the joke about the best defense is a good deer fence?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Deer can be a big problem for gardeners–you open the shades and your plants are cropped to the ground, or you are left with Addams Family-like shrubs.  Our yard is fenced, and one side has tall forsythia shrubs down the length of it, but we lost a section of fence last year and the deer have found us out.

I can see there is a deer trail running down the hill past our house, so my hope is that by protecting the gates and fences at the top of the hill I will prevent most of their visits.  To that end I have attached bamboo poles, harvested locally and donated by kind friends.  I used plastic conduit straps and decking screws to allow them to with stand the weather and I’m hoping they won’t create too much additional strain on the fence posts.

Bamboo deer defence

Some people say that 7 feet is height enough, but I’m not taking chances, these poles are much higher.  Since the goal is to deter the deer I’ve left some of the cross branches intact. If I find the deer are still coming over the fence and through the bamboo, I can add deer mesh at a later date.

Another option that I saw this weekend, and provides a nice rustic look.  Branches are trimmed to the central pole and crossed through metal mesh netting.  Baling wire holds the fence in place.  Since the support poles are pushed through the wire mesh, you could have the mesh extend higher than illustrated below.

Deer fenceI’ve seen a number of the black plastic mesh fences and I must say they do disappear quite well, all you can see are the posts holding the mesh.  Other elements that I am considering using are trellises and lattice panels.


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