Gutters and gutter covers

I’ve been putting it off for long enough.  The gutters get pretty awful this time of year because the oak trees drop those string things.  They get pretty bad in the autumn too.  When I peeked my head over the edge of the roof this is what I saw:


Oh my that’s gross.  I’ve come up to find the gutters full to the brim, and once the gutter was full of teenie tiny maple sprouts in a lovely pale green from end to end.  Can I tell you something else about the gunk that gets in the gutter?  The bottom is always wet and it smell of poop.  Not the phrase “it smells like poop” but that it smells like a pack of dogs came up and relieved themselves here.  I know the neighborhood dogs are talented but … not that talented.


DuringI had another shot of the length of the gutter before I’d put any of the gutter covers but not only did I manage to have my finger in the photo, but I didn’t realize it until just now.  That’s a special kind of smart to do that.  As you can see I installed gutter covers while I was up there.  They slip under the shingles on one side and the other side clips onto the outside of the gutters.  They go in pretty quickly, the difficulty predictably being getting up to the gutters without getting the willies.
AfterLook at how clean and white the gutter covers look.  Enjoy it now because I’m sure they won’t stay that way.  I’m not altogether sold on the white mesh on top of the diamonds–I fear it will catch the oak string things and make the rain just roll off the gutters altogether.  I do feel confident that any water that makes it to the gutter will drain away properly and if needed I can use a utility knife and strip the mesh away.

I have a lot of other gutters that need cleaning and covering.  I did everything I can reach and I will need an extension ladder to get the rest.  And I will need a large dose of chutspah since some of the gutters are waay up.  Those are the ones I really want covered since they will hardly be cleaned very often.  Forza!


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