DIY Tricks, follow up

Following up to my prior post about DIY Tricks, I tried letting the peroxide sit for longer on the pan and it really was no better for me than waiting about 5-10 minutes.  I’ve been using Barkeeper’s Friend and I find it works better then ordinary cleanser, so I’m settling for Barkeeper’s Friend plus elbow grease for now.

I’ve been quite busy with the kids this summer–this is the fallout for not having regular full day camp.  I think the kids like it, me not so much.  They have found many new and interesting ways to argue and bicker.  My current trick is to separate them wen they fight and then when they come out of timeout they have to do a chore.  If nothing else the windows on my sliding doors will be so sparkly.  They are also good at sweeping the kitchen floor, that particular job is Charlotte’s favorite right now.  Can you see it? a four year old sweeping with a full-sized broom.  Watch out for the back swing!

We did do one week that was nothing but adventures.  We went to Hoboken one day and played at Elysian Fields.  I want to stop and appreciate the name “Elysian Fields” which is the name for the ancient Greek heaven.  It is also said to be the place where the first organized game of baseball was played.  If that isn’t evocative and lyrical …  We brought a picnic lunch, I brought a novel, the girls played and got wet in the sprinkler and I read.  We even found a stupendous parking spot, which in Hoboken is unheard of.  Hoboken is a combination of a college town and a place where young professionals live so there are lots of apartments, lots of people with cars, and never enough parking.

We went into New York another day and played in the sprinklers at their favorite park, Tear Drop Park.  They love the ferry ride and they love the long slide in the park.

We went to The Newark Museum and had lots of fun there.  I let the girls decide what to do as we went through.  We started at an exhibit on healthy eating and exercise for kids.  I liked the Xbox Kinect best, Margaret liked outwitting the docent as to which foods were healthiest.  She *knows* she should eat vegetables, it just has yet to translate into *eating* those veggies.  There were  some fun rooms with dress-up: one was a dressing as people from Tibet, and in the fire museum they dressed as fire fighters and valiantly fought many imaginary fires.

We had one day with back-to-back story times at the library, and one day when we went to the pool for most of the day and we all got sunburned.

As you can see, it leaves very little time for fixing the stuff that is going wrong in the house, and forget about starting something new.  I have some exterior bits that need painting but I never seem to have both a dry day and free time.  The can of paint is still on my desk. I have plans, though.  Oh yes, I have plans.


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What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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