Blueberry Pie

It’s 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, the kids are playing quietly, DH is working at his desk and I thought I’d get myself a quiet cup of coffee and a slice of blueberry pie leftover from this weekend.  Getting a slice of pie made me see that the pan was almost empty, so I sliced the remainder into portions and moved it all to a plate.  This then meant I needed to start cleaning the tart pan because it was quite covered in berry juices.  The coffee meant I needed to heat some milk, and in the middle of all of this work Margaret walked in and said (begin accusatory tone), “how come YOU get to have pie in the middle of the day?”

The words, “because I’m a grownup” have been used a lot lately so I said, “well,” which by the way when a parent says “well” it’s almost certainly a verbal cue that they’re thinking fast.  Do not, however, underestimate the ability of a parent to think really really fast.  So I says, “well”, I says, “sometimes I choose to have my dessert earlier in the day.” … and later after you have gone to bed, and even later still when I am on my way upstairs. But I didn’t say those last two out loud.

Strangely enough she accepted my answer.  Was it a case of believing me or deciding not to call bullshit on my ass?

By the way, in the car recently she was reading something out loud that included a number of acronyms.  She started to ask what WTF means but quickly said, no she wanted to know about something else.  I presume it means she knows what WTF stands for, though I’m not positive she knows it stands for “what the fuck”.  She is only finishing the first grade.  My project is to decide what to tell her WTF stands for if she should ever ask.  Knowing me I’ll tell her the truth because knowing her I can tell her not to use the F-word and she won’t.  In front of me.

DH just reminded me that WTF stands for “World Taekwon-do Federation” and that it does.

And speaking of WTF, I bought some special heat resistant spray paint for the grill–if you do this be sure and get the stuff that says it’s for grills or you might end up very sorry.  I only know this from an exercise in pure reason, I am smart enough not to mix my chlorofluorohydrocarbons and extreme heat.  I masked off the parts that are shiny baked enamel because that paint is fine, and I touched up the end pieces that were chipped and spotted.  Since I’d already cleaned the grill as part of DH’s father’s day gift it was really a quick job.

Can I say how REALLY nice it came out?  The sides are now properly deep matte black and the middle stayed its shiny black enamel.  I am very happy with the results.  They recommend using it in a well-ventilated space, and not only was I in the great outdoors but today it’s cool (72 degrees) dry (40% humidity) and gusty breezes all over the place.  I have to strongly agree that any time you are considering using a spray paint, be sure to do it in a well-ventilated space, and not in an enclosed and stuffy subway carriage, for example.  According to the directions on the can, the heat-resistant paint is dry to the touch after a mere 15 minutes, and the grill is dry enough to use at full heat after an hour.

I didn’t get before pictures, so I won’t post after photos.  You will just have to trust me about how fantastic it looks.



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