Small Appliance Repair, follow up

The dehumidifier is still set up in the dining room but with the heat wave we are having, the central air conditioning is doing more to dehumidify than that little unit does.  The hygrometer, or whatever it is that detects humidity, is working because as the house humidity dropped the dehumidifier turned itself off.  The bucket that collects the moisture remains bone dry.  I think I need to do more disassembly, and quite possibly it needs a refrigerant re-charge.  If so then it becomes a factor of what costs more, a legal and environmentally safe refrigerant recharge or a brand new dehumidifier.

I received the replacement dishwasher latch and it fit in just fine.  When I installed the piece it really showed how broken the handle is, so I ordered that additional part, with it’s additional crazy shipping and handling fees.  It should be here in a few days.  The price for a dinky little piece of plastic irks me but I know it will make a good difference.  Now to make sure DH doesn’t re-break it for me.  The downside to having a husband who is a Master Instructor in Taekwon-Do is that he doesn’t always know his own strength.  There aren’t many downsides though.

The last appliance item nudging for my attention is the hot water heater overflow valve.  I think it was defective from the day it was installed.  When I get a chance to go to Home Depot I’ll get a new valve, which at $10 is worth trying to see if it stops the hot water heater from leaking on the basement floor.  I’ve got an empty coffee can under the leak, and the basement is unfinished, so it’s all no big deal, but sometimes it triggers the water alarm, so that’s known as a Bad Thing.  If the valve is not the root of the problem I will see if it’s worth taking further on my own.

One more thing I’d like to fix is this silly situation I find myself in with the kitchen curtains.  We have five very big windows that extend floor-to-ceiling, providing a wonderful view of the back yard, but also providing ample opportunity for heatloss (or coolloss at this time of year).  I put (ugly) insulated curtains inside the nice ones, but now they weight so much they drag the curtain rods down.  Doh!  Right now it’s 90+ degrees outside and I can’t close the curtains properly.

Part of my problem is the $3 curtain rods.  What?!  I am shocked that a $3 curtain rod can’t extend more than ten feet and hold up my two-ton-curtains.  I am debating between getting a stronger curtain rod–I am thinking of sussing out the electrical conduit and plumbing pipe options at Home Depot–or maybe putting in a stronger mid-rod-support (shelf bracket perhaps?) or if things get really desperate, I could put a stick and simply prop the whole danged thing up from the floor.  and seriously don’t tempt me because I’m thinking I have a stalk of 1″x2″ lumber in the basement.  Cut that puppy down to size and call it D-U-N done.  And the funny thing is DH is so nice he wouldn’t ever say, “the fuck?  This is held up by frickin’ lumber!”  He’d just pretend not to see.  “What?  Oh really?  A piece of lumber?  Yes, maybe it’s not standard, dear…”


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