Last Day of School

Margaret had her last day of school as a 1st grader.  Her teacher is so wonderful, we were really lucky to get someone who is so fired up about the kids and who clearly loves them so much.  And of course this leads to concern about next year’s teacher.  I just have to stop and be confident that we will continue to get good teachers.  Margaret’s teachers have all been great, starting with pre-school and on through to today.  She loves school and I want so much to be sure that she will continue to love learning and discovering.

I pulled Charlotte out of camp to go to Margaret’s year end party, and so it is 5pm and they have already eaten dinner and dessert!  Margaret had a lot of trouble sleeping last night so I hope she can rest well tonight.  I thought she was in my bed for a bit last night, only to find out in the morning it was Charlotte.  If you could see the very obvious difference in height between them you’d know how silly it was of me!

Margaret is going to miss the intellectual stimulation of school.  I will try to keep things going but I was not made to be a school teacher.  Just the other day she was trying to play scrabble with Charlotte, which would probably work better if Charlotte knew all of her letters.  Ahem.  They also tried Monopoly Jr. but Charlotte got upset that she couldn’t have the pink money and then didn’t want to take her turns.  When there are three and a half years between the girls some days are easier than others.

I think things will be easier when Charlotte can read.  There will be new issues, for sure, but at least right now I don’t know what those issues will be.

Margaret is so sophisticated, reading her books, writing her stories, making assessments and talking to us like she know it all so well.  And then she will talk about an “emergicsee” or about doing “substraction” in math, or she will ask to put “cimmanon” on her bread.  She’s really so very smart but I love seeing the cracks in the veneer.

I was reading her stories from her journal, stories that she wrote all during the year.  There were far too many stories about princesses who need to get married NOW.  Sigh.  She loves the Disney Princesses and yet the stories are too scary for her.  Her former pre-school teacher said to me that it’s because she understands too well what the Wicked Witch  or Wicked Step Mother represents.  As her mother I have to say it’s of course because she’s so brilliant, but then I have a very biased opinion.  Like every Mamma.  Have I told you how beautiful and talented she is?  Well trust me, she is, in each and every way.


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