Small Appliance Repair

Sigh.  Another sigh.  And for good measure, Le Sigh.

Our upstairs freezer seemed to be failing so I moved everything to the chest freezer.  Thank everything holy, the next day it was all coldy, so either food was blocking a key air intake, or the door wasn’t closed properly, or I got lucky.  Actually, no matter what I think I got lucky.

Our basement dehumidifier has stopped dehumidifying.  I double checked it and we achieved 80% humidity!  Score!  I was in Sears and I looked at the dehumidifier prices.  In 2006 we got our current one for, as I recall, about $100.  It’s a decent-sized one and drains nicely into the sump pump.  If I buy one right now they are selling for $250.  Yowch!  I looked up possible dehumidifier repairs online and I’ll give them a go.  Since the thing isn’t doing anything right now I figure I have nothing to lose.  Basically they advise disassembling the whole thing and removing dust and debris.  I think I can handle that.

In the mean time, since the weather has been temperate and not too wet I have the window open.  Our basement windows are eerily easy to operate: they lock well and they easily slide open and shut.  Strange.

Broken things like company so this morning I discovered that our dishwasher door handle didn’t want to work anymore.  I removed the screws to the door panel and ta-da! the latch is broken.  Phooey.  On the plus side, if you call Sears for service it’s not cheap but they have a good website for spare parts on some of their appliances.  While our microwave is NOT one of those appliances, the dishwasher is.  The part will be here in about a week.

I also think I need to replace the overflow valve for the hot water heater.  Word on the (internet) street is that the part costs about $10.  Look at all the money I’m saving us!  Look ma! no mechanic!



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What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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