June 6, 6666

Feeling very six-y today.  Actually, feeling pretty proud of myself right now.  I made gluten-free cupcakes for tomorrow, which I always find a bit stressful since my kitchen has so much gluten.  I start by washing things, continue with mixing and washing, and finish by more cleaning. And segregating.  And wrapping to prevent accidental contamination.

I wanted to make frosting with rosettes for the cupcakes but I don’t feel confident that my food coloring is gluten-free.  I’m currently using up the Wilton food color I got when I took the cake decorating class last year, and the “may contain” section is pretty extensive.  Next time I’d prefer for have AmeriColor food coloring since it’s peanut, tree nut, gluten, dairy and egg-free.

I don’t like to use a pure white frosting for decorations since it looks really fakey, and the texture of the decorations gets hidden.  So think think think, like Pooh Bear, think think think and I think of the Great Lobachevsky and I say “aha!” (to crib from Tom Lehrer now).  Since the cupcakes are Cherrybrook Kitchen chocolate, I added two teaspoons of cinnamon to the KFA silk frosting.  Now THAT’S good tasting frosting!  I did get a bit of the idea from the cinnamon whipped cream introduced at Book Club.  That whipped cream is on regular demand for book club meetings.

I’m waiting for the cupcakes to cool all the way before frosting them but I have the piping bag filled and loaded for bear.  (rubbing hands together and thinking “bwahahaha!”)

I also got props for “creative use of the grippy stuff” today.  I take the grippy stuff sold at the dollar store–the stuff to keep things from sliding around in your kitchen drawers–and I line my cupcake and cake carriers so that things stay more put in transport.  I seem to transport baked good A LOT.  Actually, even non-baked stuff does well to be “grippied”.  If it’s a casserole, for example, I put the baking dish into my large roasting pan but to keep it from migrating within the roasting pan I use a grippy thing.  Kids car seats work well to keep food anchored as well since the seats are narrow and are tipped back.  No need to buckle things in, they stay put pretty well.

Oh, you’ll be pleased to know I wasn’t abandoned on the roof again today either.  I came home to notice a drip from the gutter over the porch.  Correction: I came home wishing for an unattainable nap, hoping to just chill on the couch in the short window before collecting Margaret when I cussed out loud upon seeing a drop from the gutter.  Ladder out, glove on, up ladder.  Gutter full of clear water, the endcap over the downspout was clogged, so I just removed it.  I really need gutter covers for the whole length. not an endcap.  The subsequent “whooooooosh” was awesome.  Not as awesome as chilling out on the couch would have been, but still cool.  Cooler still?  I didn’t knock over the ladder.  This was fortuitous since my neighbor Mike wasn’t home to rescue me.


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What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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