Car talk

I love Car Talk, the NPR call-in show.  You know the guys, Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers, “you’ve done it again, you’ve wasted a perfectly good hour …” and today’s post is in honor of them.

My car needed an oil change this week, plus it threw some service code up in lights on the dash.  I googled the code and it means “oil change, tire rotation, air filter replacement, and whatever bridge we can sell you.”  Last time I went I was advised that the firewall is going to need replacing.  Well, I still haven’t had that done, so I was expecting to hear about that AT LEAST.  It also made me smile to hear the firewall might need replacing–when I worked in IT I installed many a data firewall for my customers!

Since I’m dumb enough to get my service done at the dealership I get coupons in the mail, including one for a tire rotation for $15 plus another one for $15 off any service, and you know, I even remembered to bring the coupons in with me.  Will wonders never cease?

The dealership has a paper that lists what is done when various repair codes appear on the car.  For mine it listed a price of about $260.  Yikes.  But I knew the tire rotation would be limited because of the coupon.  I also wasn’t planning on having them replace the air filters ever since I found this website called Filter where they show youtube videos on how to change your air filters for the car.  The cabin air filter is so easy to change I could talk a pre-schooler through doing it.  In fact, maybe I’ll see if Charlotte will do it for me.

So when I checked the car in for service I said I’d do the air filter changes, I asked them to do the tire rotation and oil change, and I figured I’d wait and see what else they came up with.  I guess by saying “I’ll change the air filters” I must have triggered the “let’s not BS this customer” flag on my account.  The service cost me less than $60 and they only said I *might* choose to do some additional service, but not in the near future.  Cooooool.

In contrast to my visit, there was a man who was leaving as I arrived.  He had clearly stopped in for one thing, to buy wiper blade inserts, and he was asking the dealership to install the windshield wipers for him with such a bewildered air about him.  In my more charitable moments I will say “I’m sure there are other people out there who are overwhelmed at the thought of changing a wiper insert” but my immediate thought at that moment was, not a kind one.  It was more of a “one born every minute” sort of one.


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