Cleaning the Gutters

We don’t have gutter covers but we do have several oak trees that drop flowers in the spring and make a terrible mess everywhere.  This morning I grabbed a ladder and climbed up on the roof over the porch to make sure that when it rains again we have proper drainage.

The crud was pretty deep in the gutters and smelled like feces.  I don’t mean the usual “it stank” meaning, I mean it smelled like the fecal matter from a meat eating animal, which is funny because I don’t imagine the neighborhood dogs are getting up there to poop.

After removing the leaf debris I got the hose and washed off the shingles.  Problem was that in cleaning the roof I knocked over the ladder.  Since I was standing on the roof and not the ladder it was no big deal except that there was no other way to get down.  Our street gets its fair share of pedestrians but I was thinking that with my luck I’d only get senior citizens passing, people who I would worry could do themselves a damage by trying to straighten the ladder.

I had no idea what time it was but I knew the time to collect Charlotte wasn’t far off, but fortunately my phone was nice and dry in the car, and no help at all.

I continued working, I mean why not, it still had to be done, when I saw my neighbor from across the street coming over.  He said he’d noticed me on the roof, and then looked back and saw the ladder had fallen down.  He put the ladder back and let me know he’d be around in case I managed to knock it over again.  I didn’t knock it over again.  I did knock against it fairly hard at one point though.

This whole incident has had me smiling all morning.  I don’t know why but getting stuck on the roof strikes me as just the sort of situation I’d get myself into, and that is funny.


About lgiletti

What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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