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It never rains …

Actually, it’s not pouring here but geez Louise some days are better than others.  I fixed the DVD drive on the laptop and I’m installing MS Office right now.  Yes I know, I shouldn’t be doing stuff while doing an … Continue reading

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Knit one, purl two, pull three

Or maybe I should call it: one step forward, two steps back. It seems to have started on Friday when I decided to reinstall Windows on my craptop.  The machine was running slow, music was awfully jittery, and so it … Continue reading

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I have changed my clothes and even taken a shower but I still smell poo every now and then.  Those gutters really stank!! When I was in my car I thought it was in my hands so I Purell’ed many … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Gutters

We don’t have gutter covers but we do have several oak trees that drop flowers in the spring and make a terrible mess everywhere.  This morning I grabbed a ladder and climbed up on the roof over the porch to … Continue reading

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Saturday, May 12

It’s 6pm and I’m sitting at my desk, clean only up to my elbows and on my face, the rest is dusted with garden soil, sand and whoknowswhat.  I have to take a shower once the kids are in bed … Continue reading

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