Birthday Prep

We are in the final count down to Charlotte’s birthday.  I am hard at work on the goodie bags.  My quest for the goodie bag is to find something that is consumable (so the parents aren’t stuck with it forever), that is non-food (what with allergies and/or obesity a concern for so many), that is cost-effective (for me), and that is fun for the recipient (duh), and this year I may have found it: I made soaps and bath fizzers!  I used a lot of ingredients I already had on hand, like very good quality lavender essential oil, red food coloring, and for the fizzers, baking soda and oil.

Those are not jell-o shots, they're soap

I was working on the fizzers this evening and they just don’t want to solidify, instead they were very crumbly.  I packed them into Easter eggs and there they will keep quite nicely.  I do confess that while mixing citric acid and baking soda I felt a bit like I was cooking up a bomb.  Well, yes, but a bath bomb doesn’t count, and the sincere hope to leave no humans or animals unharmed is another strike against me being nefarious.

The composition of the bath fizzers is interesting.  It’s a bit like a giant ball of baking powder.  The baking soda with acid will fizz, but you add starch as a buffering agent and it will also dissolve into the bath water and not leave grit on the tub.  You add drops of food coloring, if desired, and drops of essential oil, also if desired.  The only other ingredients are salts like epsom salts to soften the water, and oil, any old oil, to work as a bit of a moisturizer.  The starch and oil could clog the pipes, but you’d need a bath fizzer the size of a full-grown adult for it to do so.  In case you were wondering, these are a lot smaller!

Easter egg bath fizzers

At bedtime the girls got to try the bath fizzers, and we saw how they just crumble too easily.  They were so excited to get to be my testers!  They also said that they think the prep for the party is more fun than the party itself!  The part of the preparation that they love best is how we get a helium balloon kit and we blow up all the balloons in the kitchen, then the birthday girl gets to hold alllllll the balloons and get her photo taken.  We always pretend that a light breeze will blow them away if they are holding all 30 balloon at once.

I think the cake baking (translation: bowl licking) and frosting the cake (translation: bowl licking) are fun for the birthday girl as well.  Somehow they forget the artistic differences between birthday girl’s desires and the baker’s execution.  For example, today Charlotte was telling me she wanted red roses for her cake.  I put my foot down and said no because in my aesthetic the real red roses on cakes are garish, plus I’d prefer not to be injecting THAT much red dye into her dear friends.  I’m hoping the pale pink and pale purple color will pop enough when placed on a white-white cake.

Today I re-did the cake layers because yesterday I tore one in half while turning it out of the pan.  The three layers are wrapped tightly and are in the freezer awaiting assembly and frosting.  For the decoration I made roses today and wow, my hands are weak.  On the last few you can see my hand was shaking as I piped the leaves!  LOL!  I did one tray of 20 roses and then stuck the piping bags in the fridge for another time.  The roses will decorate vanilla cupcakes and they will accent the big cake which is chocolate.

Frosting roses

What’s left to do?  Well, fill and decorate the bags that hold the goodies, frost and decorate the cake, and a little birthday shopping.  Oh yes, and I need to get ready for her school party on the day after the birthday party at home.  Yikes.


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1 Response to Birthday Prep

  1. neatovito says:

    LOVE the roses, they are gorgeous! also the bath fizzers are such a great giveaway idea esp in the easter egg container:) i kinda want one myself!

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