Post-Easter Update

Today I had an egad! moment about Charlotte’s birthday.  I needed to rush and send out party invites or else everyone will book up.  Normally I’m so good (read: anal retentive) about that sort of thing.  So I emailed them out instead of designing something special.

I also started work on the goodie bags.  I got some meltable glycerine soap and I’ve made 18 purdy pink soaps.  I used “silicone” cupcake papers from the dollar store (thus the “” around silicone) and those worked nicely.  No “frosting” on the soaps, but I made a nice design to wrap the soaps in.  I ordered citric acid to make fizzy bath bombs–I hope I got enough.  I’ll get something like tulle to put them in (unless I find paper bags and tissue paper are cheaper) and I have lots of ribbon.  Charlotte is in a super-girly stage these days.

Most folks around here do parties at a venue and I just can’t rationalize the money.  We’re inviting 12 girls plus siblings (with the warning that it’ll be so girly, boys be forewarned!) and let them run around the back yard.  I’ll make the bath bombs and later make her a cake with pink roses and be done.  I suppose if I had the several hundred dollars to spend it might be nice not to have to DIY so much but then I like to think it’s more from the heart this way.

Margaret is in Brownies and the Girl Scouts had a father-daughter dance–though DH said they most certainly did NOT dance together.  I was horrified to hear that some girls were getting special dresses and shoes and all for the occasion.  And corsages, though DH said there were only a small few who had them.  I made M a bouquet of flowers from our garden, including lilacs since they smell so nice.  I wrapped the stems with ribbons to match her dress and the ribbons in her hair.  I advised her that with flowers in your hand you just bring them in and put them on your table, so she wouldn’t feel she needed to carry the things all night.  It made me think of Meg in Little Women when Laurie sends her hot house flowers because on a young girl flowers are a better adornment than jewels.

Charlotte wet the bed something like five nights in a row (DH says it was a lot more) and so I’ve got a program of stickers to get her to go through the night dry.  This is so old.  Can’t we just beat the toilet training into the kids?

Charlotte continues to be far too cute for my good.  I was trimming her fingernails one night and she pointed out that her “footnails” need trimming too.  I was joking with the girls and teaching them lines from Monty Python’s Holy Grail, and she promptly referred to it as the “home made grail”.

DH took the girls to Maryland to visit family for Easter.  I stayed alone at the house and spent three days working on the yard.  50 bags of yard waste to the curb, and I would have done more but the wind was so strong it would have been futile to bag leaves on that last day.  My neighbor lets the lower half of her yard run wild and if the wind were going as I was bagging the leaves down near there I think I would have been hard-pressed not to just chuck them over the fence and that would be WRONG so wrong.

Today I was driving with Margaret through a town that suffered terrible flooding in September.  What a contrast, since things are so very dry and windy right now.  I was watching the news and they said that ordinarily we’d get about 12″ of rain by now; instead we’ve gotten about 6″.  The ground is very dry and the risk of brushfire is very real.  I made sure to tell DH that the firepit is closed for certain until we get some rain just because I cleaned up down there and I don’t want him to start a fire without realizing how dry things are


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