Today must be “big garbage day” in one of the neighboring towns.  I saw two decent but scuffed dressers out by the curb and it kills me that I have no (free) way to get them home.  I’ve seen that they sell on Craig’s List for like $75, so one that’s fixed up could go for more.


I saw them while on my way to pick up a Freecycle item.  Have you heard of Freecycle? I love it.  Say you have something that’s still sort of decent but you don’t want it anymore–a still sealed package of potting soil, or lawn furniture, or kids’ clothes, or whatever–you post it to Freecycle and someone who needs or wants the item contacts you and says they’d like it.  Often you get a few people responding, so you need to be selective.  Also they warn that this could be ANYONE so porch pickups are encouraged.


I was picking up some casserole dishes today that someone was getting rid of.  I thought I’d get 3 or so.  Nope, it’s like 10!!  They were quite yucky with ambient kitchen grease (I estimate they were in a top cabinet and clearly unused for a long time) but a thorough scrub with a green scrubber plus some Magic Eraser for good measure and they’re sparkly white again.  I’m thinking I might not keep them all for just casseroles, but maybe it’s because I’ve had planters on my mind lately.  Does it have sides?  You could put a plant in that!  LOL!  Of course drainage holes in the bottom would help …


By the same token I saw a request for a clock radio, so I recently left our old one out for someone and it made her day to collect it.  THAT’S cool.  I also got rid of an upper kitchen cabinet recently, and that too was to someone who was pleased with it.  Most of the time people simply say “thank you” but sometimes you can tell it’s extra nice to receive.


The goal of Freecycle is to keep stuff out of landfill, it’s just a super bonus that someone really wants the stuff.  There are Freecycle groups in every state, though if you live way out in the country it might not work well for you since it’s the receiver’s job to come and get it.  I even found several overseas, like there is one in Rome where my sister lives!  Most work as an email list, so you send email to the list to offer something and it gets sent to everyone who subscribes.  Wonderful!


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2 Responses to Freecycle

  1. carrie says:

    Sometimes I also just use craigslist to get rid of something quickly and post it “free to a good home”. We got rid of an unexpired Britax marathon carseat that way – the lady couldn’t believe it was free. You need a minivan laura – you could throw those dressers in the back and get them super quick! Also, you could maybe knock on the door and arrange another time to pick them up w/the owner? you never know….

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