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Cake or Death?

Last weekend Charlotte went to a birthday party and was introduced to the wonders of Lego kits.  She’s liked it so much that Margaret wants to get her some for her birthday–have you seen the new line of Legos marketed … Continue reading

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Birthday Prep

We are in the final count down to Charlotte’s birthday.  I am hard at work on the goodie bags.  My quest for the goodie bag is to find something that is consumable (so the parents aren’t stuck with it forever), … Continue reading

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Rain at last

After months of no rain we got a lot this weekend, which also meant we got our first test run of the new gutter.  Well, I am happy to report that the new gutter worked but … there’s always a … Continue reading

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It’s been a bad week for reading.  I think I read something like 5 pages and I’ve been unable to get my books on CD to play through my ipod or itouch.  I’m sure if I sat down and looked … Continue reading

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Garden Plans!

Oh I have grand plans for the garden, if only I can get out and do them!  I’ve been digging up some weeds that are invading my tiger lilies.  I let them go for a bit but they’re bulbs and … Continue reading

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Post-Easter Update

Today I had an egad! moment about Charlotte’s birthday.  I needed to rush and send out party invites or else everyone will book up.  Normally I’m so good (read: anal retentive) about that sort of thing.  So I emailed them … Continue reading

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Keeping track of measured ingredients

What is the significance of this?  It’s telling me that I’ve measured 1 1/2 cups of sugar.  I used to use a system where I’d point the handle to the corresponding number of the clock to help keep track of … Continue reading

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