Dryer Venting

I’m feeling tired physically and sort of drained mentally. I went to the garden to do some raking and on the way I just *happened* to look at the dryer vent. It was basically dripping with lint. Eeker So not only is this absolutely and totally disgusting, but it’s a serious fire hazard.

Did you ever see “PeeWee’s Great Adventure” when he’s rescuing the animals from the pet store that’s on fire and he keeps passing by the snake cage to get the other animals out? The dryer vent has been my snakes-in-the-burning-pet-store sicne we bought the house. Instead of putting the dryer hookups and vent against an exterior wall, it’s on a wall that backs onto a crawl space, and I mean CRAWL. Do you recall how I’ve described the attic crawlspace as so low that at it’s highest point I rub my backside as I crawl along? Well down in this particular crawl space it’s so tight that only a commando crawl will work.

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

Let’s add to the horror: the floor is packed dirt, and it is open ventilated to the outside. Can you say bugs? Bugs bugs bugs bugs BUGS! What more can you not want? Well, let me add to it. The access is through a root cellar/cold room sort of a space–it’s where we store the outdoor stuff for the winter. You open the door to this closet thing and up, about five feet up is this narrow space. Up you go there lad! So to make the claustrophobia feel more anxious, you need to manoeuvre (I googled the spelling for that and they say this is correct) up and into this slot.

I think I need a drink.

So why does the horror of the crawlspace even matter? Because the dryer vent is made from “flex hose”–that is not a smooth-walled metal material but one that is sort of corrugated. The better to collect lint. Dryer vents should not be made of this stuff. Well, let me modify that. It’s okay if you use the flex duct stuff for the 4-6 feet from the dryer to the wall, and if that is where the duct ends, you are okay. If it gets clogged it’s easy enough to vacuum out, or just chuck it and get a new one. When your distance from the dryer to the outside wall is not just up to the ceiling but also more than 16′ away this is a serious no-no. So I need to replace this duct.

In the short-term, though, I figured I would vacuum it out as much as I can. Well, I pulled out a lot of crud, a serious lot of crud and I am so grateful to the vacuum cleaner for making it all go away, but in the process I dislodged the hose right next to it which is the first floor lavette vent. It went “klonk!” onto the dirt of the crawl space. So now the bathroom vent is pumping air into the under side of my kitchen, and I have two needs for going into the crawl space.

Are you at all surprised that I am desperately trying to find a way to run it through the basement to the outside wall without going through the crawl space?


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