Reading Progress

This morning the temps were in the 30s when my clearly-wrong-and-sadistic alarm went off (drat you, time change!) but by the afternoon when we were heading out to get Margaret from school it was a balmy 70+ degrees outside.

Mom (that’s me) had the foresight to remember to bring a short-sleeved shirt for M, I remembered to bring hair ties so I could give her a pony tail. What I forgot was to bring her show-n-tell for the after school Brownie meeting. But get this: miracle of all miracles, she remembered it herself! Bless you Montessori pre-school!

Another thank you to the Montessori pre-school came in the form of Charlotte actually helping me to do some weeding and raking in the yard today. Yes, it’s time to get back on that garden cleanup wagon. Because our winter has been so very mild the weeds are flourishing, the stinkers. The good news is that it’s so early in the year they came up pretty easily. I’ve got my kid-free morning mapped out for tomorrow: raking, pruning, etc.

I’ve recently made a pledge to myself to try to read for 10-15 minutes a day–if the 1st graders can be required to do so for homework, surely I can fit it in myself! I’ve been listening to books on CD in my car–our public library has a decent collection with more available through inter-library loan, though there is a careful line I have to watch as the books need to be mature enough for me to be interested in them, but also not so mature that the children are in jeopardy of an unexpected education. I listened to almost all of “Mayflower” but just couldn’t listen to the last few disks. Those Pilgrims lived a pretty dull existence except for the times they were doing abominable things to the Native Americans. Now I’m listening to Bill Bryson’s “At Home” and I love it! I’ve read a few of his books already, and most are written with a great sense of humor. This one is not written to be funny, it is a historical look at why homes are the way they are and it’s FASCINATING.

In paper form I’m reading “The Disappearing Spoon” which is about the periodic table of the elements. It’s a bit dry in places and a bit beyond me in several more, but overall I’m making progress. I have also been downloading ebooks to read on my phone–I loved reading “The Hunger Games” and will therefore refuse adamantly to see the movie. A friend loaned me books 2 and 3 of the series and they are waiting impatiently in line after the “spoon”.

I also have some books that are copied onto my iphone, and I listen to those books or to podcasts while working on my various projects. Right now the audio book on iphone that I’m reading is “The Woman Who Can’t Forget” about a woman who remembers every day of her life after a certain age. It’s very absorbing. I was listening to “The Other Boleyn Girl” while painting the bedroom and now when I look at this certain part of the ceiling I think about the chapters I was listening to as I painted there. The hallway was a different Phillippa Gregory bodice ripper and the ceiling is forever going to be stamped with Henry the VII. The basement is all the woman who can’t forget, interestingly enough.

I don’t get 10-15 minutes of reading from a printed book every day (I’m not certain I will complete “spoon” in the 3 months the library will allow me) but I do manage to listen to as much in the car, and it is easy to listen to more. Don’t ask me how I manage to keep all of these books straight in my head but I do!


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