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Reading Aloud

Now that Margaret likes chapter books I’ve been having a lot of fun reading out loud to her.  Most recently we finished Elizabeth Enright’s “The Saturdays”.  The library didn’t have “The Four Story Mistake”, the next book in the series, … Continue reading

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Yesterday Charlotte declared we were cold as “ice berks” when we got out of the shower.  She has taken to joining me in the shower in the morning.  While I love to be with her I do feel like it’s … Continue reading

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Dryer Duct

I must confess I spent quite a bit of time stressed and worried about what to do about the dryer duct.  I knew it was full of lint that was really beyond the reach of any tool I currently own. … Continue reading

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Dryer Venting

I’m feeling tired physically and sort of drained mentally. I went to the garden to do some raking and on the way I just *happened* to look at the dryer vent. It was basically dripping with lint.  So not only is … Continue reading

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Reading Progress

This morning the temps were in the 30s when my clearly-wrong-and-sadistic alarm went off (drat you, time change!) but by the afternoon when we were heading out to get Margaret from school it was a balmy 70+ degrees outside. Mom … Continue reading

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March update

So this is a bit of what I’ve been up to lately.  I installed some curtain holdbacks in the kitchen and in the master bedroom.  Oh my, I love these.  The pull the curtains back more than before.  I was … Continue reading

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