Headboard, Part I

With Charlotte still sick I figure as long as I’m stuck at home I can at least make some progress on the master bedroom.  Today I started planning the headboard.  I have two options right now and I am still undecided as to which to use.

One option is the four blue “rococo” panels.  They have a lovely design, curved molding around the edges and a floral design in the middle, but at five feet, they’re awfully tall.  I got them back in The Dark Ages, before I had met DH.  I was living in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and had very little money.  In the end I would be losing money each month for the privilege of living there, but it was a nice place to live.  I’d found these by the curb and painted them up, hinged them together, and I used them as a screen.  Later, in Australia, when Margaret was an infant, I used them to create a dark shadow in her room.  I added glow-in-the-dark stars and I put some shelf brackets on the bottom to stabilize them.

For my other option I have four off-white louvered panels that I found in the trash just the other day.  I’ve been keeping my eyes open because people around here throw out all sorts of things and I knew I could find something to repurpose for a headboard.  Whatever you do, don’t tell DH that his new headboard is made from trash.  I don’t give a hoot about these, I could cut them down to fit the space but I probably won’t have to.  I really don’t want to cut the other ones.  My current leaning is for these.

While I try to decided what I’d like to do I will work on both sets of panels. I scrubbed all eight panels with a bleach and water solution–I’m going to rest my head near these things and I don’t want to worry about some mystery lurking yuck.  I also wanted to be sure there was no loose dirt.  It’s amazing to me how often I see people in real life paint a surface that is obviously dirty.  You wouldn’t try to paint a pile of sand, so why try to paint a surface that has gunk on top?  At best it’s going to give uneven results, at worst it will come right back up again.

I also removed all of the hardware from the doors.  The louvered doors are fairly new but the hinges looked a lot older to my eye.  I liked them enough to photograph them right before chucking them in the trash.

The louvered panels required the most work, but the beauty of having an unfinished basement, and particularly one that gets rain water in it on a somewhat regular basis, is that it really doesn’t matter that you drop a fair amount of water on the floor.  This is probably the cleanest it’s been down there in ages!


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