It gives me fever

I scored a 102.6 radio-station-like fever earlier. It’s weird how this illness wipes you out about every 8 hours, when the ibuprofen is wearing off and then you take the ib and feel normal. I saw it happen with Margaret so I recognize it. I curled up in the sun in this one spot in our living room where the heat comes out of the vent and I slept, waking only occasionally to put on another on-demand show for Charlotte. I had a real time trying to find all of the shows. I know where Caillou is but Team Umizoomi and Angelina eluded me for a while.

After a bit Charlotte’s fever spiked so she crawled under the blankets with me. When it was time to go and get Margaret I got a text from DH saying he had it too and was heading home. I put Charlotte’s shoes and coat on her, something she ordinarily would never allow, and I carried her to the car. I got to the school early so we could park closer to the school and not have to walk far–there’s no drive-through pickup or drop off, and there’s only street parking for parents. Charlotte came up into the front seat and we cuddled and I checked email. After a couple of minutes I noticed she was very still and no longer stroking her special blanket. Since she was facing away from me I had to take a photo to confirm that she’d fallen asleep.

Since I’m in one of the feeling good phases, I made some pasta bolognese and prepped bread and baked beans for tomorrow. I just need to dump things into the crockpot for the beans. If I’m too wiped to make the no knead bread I can stash it in the fridge to buy an additional day or two.


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What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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