Fever and room staging

Margaret had a fever thursday friday saturday. Yesterday she was easily tired but fever-free. My kids never get sick, and when they do it’s not this bad (highest score was something north of 103). I go with hygiene hypothesis: as kids who used to have food allergies their immune systems are superstrong.

Charlotte had the fever saturday sunday monday. Presuming C follows the same vector as M, she will be fever-free tomorrow but won’t be eligible for school under the 24-hours fever-free rule. It’s good because it gets me off the hook of “she’s not vomiting or feverish but she really should stay home and rest.” Problem is, tomorrow is StV’s day so she’ll miss the card exchange.

I’ve come down with something, not much fever, not like the girls, but I’ve got that Old Man with Lung Cancer cough. Unfortunately it brought back terrible memories of my mother’s lung cancer and the mucous. The memories of my mom part I can handle, I’d repressed the horrible mucous part.

In the Good News arena, I was looking for cough medicine and found I’ve got some codeine-based cough medicine from about a year ago. I have no recollection of needing such a syrup but the prescrption label is for me, has my dosage, and my doctor’s name. Awesome!

I also went through all of the medicines and checked expiration dates. I recommend you try it. I do this periodically and it’s amazing what I find. Well, now that I do it regularly it’s less amazing, but if you’ve never done it before you can rack up some really old ones!

Being sick today comes at a good time. You know because I scheduled it for today. Yesterday I finished most of the touchups to the paintwork in the master bedroom, I think. We reinstalled the bits like switchplate covers, door hardware, and the blinds. I’m sure our neighbors are pleased we put the blinds back on the windows!

I love the cool blue and clean white we have. We need to move the furniture back. I need to get curtains and curtain rods. I think this is all called “Staging” the room.

Our main problem with the room is that we have a colossal armoire 2′ x 6′ that is covered in laminate. This thing dominates the room, but since we don’t have much closet space when we moved it it seemed like a good idea. I don’t want to paint it because I’m not confident that the paint will stick, I’m not eager to take on that big a project (yes, I said that), and I am not convinced that painting it will make it any smaller.

I asked DH if I could paint his dresser to reduce the amount of wood-colored things in our room. Well, I already knew the answer so I said, out of the blue, “It’s too bad you won’t let me paint your dresser.” To which he replied, “Of course not. It’s WOOD.” I didn’t point out that lots of stuff in the room is painted wood.

So instead I’m thinking of finding a white tablecloth, preferably one with embroidery, and draping it across the top and down the sides. That will brighten up the colors.

The other thought is to replace the armoire, which is pretty empty, with a new dresser from some place like Craig’s List and paint the new dresser. That was something DH could get behind. The armoire could go in the kitchen so I could maybe, finally, have enough storage to keep everything in the kitchen and not spread out around the house. Unfortunately if I put the armoire in the kitchen I have to figure out where to put the glass-fronted cabinet. If I could only solve that with some plan other than adding it to the already-extensive collection of furniture in the unfinished basement.


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