Last night at bedtime, when I was tired from painting, when the kids were cutting up in an attempt to get out of having to go to bed, the girls decided they wanted to be in the photos I was taking. I started with my iphone and got some nice shots. The camera has been slow, with a lot of shutterlag, so I missed several shots, and a number that I did get were blurry.


I switched to the big DSLR and got a number of cutiepie feet photos, and then some more of the girls.

It’s amazing to me the differences in exposures. I had the flash turned off for both cameras, but the iphone is used to people doing that. I had my DSLR set to manual shutter speed, so I would set the speed of the shutter to 1/125th of a second–trying to get it fast enough to capture two wiggly giggly girls, but slow enough to let light in. Then the camera tries to open the aperture as much as it can to let in enough light to take the photo.

Because of the low artificial light you can see that the iphone sacrificed speed in the name of getting more light. The DSLR was opening the aperture as much as it could but was already maxed out, so the photos are darker, more “dutch masters” lighting.

I got a number of wonderful ones of Charlotte but because she was lolling on my bed the images came out a bit … sex kittenish. At not-quite-four that’s not something I’m aiming for.

Sometimes I like to have some of the story told in the background like here, where Margaret is laughing with Charlotte.

Other times I let the frame fill up with the image. I like to try things crazy-close, even if things get out of focus. I’ve messed around with taking photos of just one of their eyes, with the camera almost touching their faces. It makes them laugh and when I pull back I get great giggle photos.

Margaret was feeling a bit self conscious so I said she could close her eyes, or cover her face. Another thing that gets her comfortable with the camera is photographing her hands or feet. It gets her used to the camera noise and movement, and allows her to be silly in her own way.


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1 Response to Photos

  1. Cassie says:

    These are like the perfect pictures of a childhood girls sleepover. I love them.

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