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Once upon a time I used to have an average New Yorker’s commute of just under an hour on the train.  I lived way in the back of beyond at the end of the L train in Brooklyn, in a … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning

It’s a Saturday morning, one of the last few days of February vacation.  The girls are in the bathroom dressing up for their “dance recital” game which to me means I can drink coffee, blog and eat cookies for breakfast. … Continue reading

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S’more Sticks

This is a quick and easy treat, and it’s totally yummy!  If you use Enjoy Life chocolate chips (they are free from peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and soy), and any safe cookies you can tailor this to almost any allergy … Continue reading

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My Monkey

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Oh for cryin’ out loud!!

And what I really mean is, “are you fucking kidding me?”  I almost think she’s forgotten about school.  She missed Valentines Day, she missed pizza lunch with her best friends, she missed her school “cheachers” and all of the stuff … Continue reading

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Headboard, Part I

With Charlotte still sick I figure as long as I’m stuck at home I can at least make some progress on the master bedroom.  Today I started planning the headboard.  I have two options right now and I am still … Continue reading

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Fever, Day 5

Noooooooooo!! Charlotte, day five of fever.  It responds to ibuprophen, so thank goodness the drug store had a buy-one-get-one sale.  We saw the pediatrician yesterday.  I actually thought Charlotte was on the mend but I took her in, just in … Continue reading

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