What a Day

Today started last night when I was still up after midnight because I was still coming home from book club. Not that the journey home took so long, I just left it too late.

I painted two coats of paint on the stair hallway. Wow, what a difference. I pulled up the tape from the carpet with some help from the shorter half of the family, I changed the naff “brass-esque” switchplates for the lights to ordinary don’t-see-me white plastic.

I had a visit from the plumber to fix the slow shower drain. The boy comes to the house, I’m looking past him for the Real Plumber. Poor kid. He did get the drain cleared really quickly, and the bill was lower than I was expecting. Now for the “but”. I go into the bathroom to check the shower and I find the floor has puddles of black water. I don’t get too fussed by this, but I know from the days when I used to make IT house calls that the client may not remember if you clean things up before you go, but they will certainly remember if you leave things a mess.

I used disaffecting wipes and cleaned it up. No problem.  While I was there I scrubbed the shower. Since it hadn’t been draining for a while, it was clearly quite cruddy but that’s an easy fix now that it’s draining. I grabbed the shower sprayer to rinse the walls and floor and I find water is pouring out of all the wrong places. On closer examination it was the hose that was leaking. Since it’s a metal-clad hose I’m sure the plumber bent it at too far an angle and, well, now it’s hosed. I called plumber’s the front office and advised them. I wasn’t mad, it’s an easy enough fix, but cheese louise!

I needed more yellow paint anyway so I decided to make a trip to Home Depot (hi guys!) to get a new hose. On the way down my stairs, past the freshly painted walls, those same walls I was actually painting while the plumber was here, those walls he and I looked at as we discussed painting and paint color choices, I saw they had more of that black cruddy water from the bathroom.

Are you kidding me?

Sure it wiped off with a damp cloth but it’s the principal here. And dude, you are three strikes now. After picking up Margaret I started to tell my plumber story to another mom. Turns out she had the EXACT same kid at her house today too. And she got the black crud-puddles also. Apparently it was his first day on the job; she was his first ever job. Since I live within half a mile of her I can guess that I was his second. I can understand rookie mistakes, and I’m glad I wasn’t all huffy on my high horse about it. I wasn’t happy, and I do want them to know that he cost me additional money since I had to replace the shower hose, but I don’t want the guy to lose his job over this. He just cannot do that again.

In the good news department, if he’s going to break something, he did it at a house where the fix is a no-brainer. Also, our old shower head had some mineral buildup so I got not just the hose but a whole new shower head. So I upgraded us.

I’ve had lots of pizza dinner, I’ve had a beer, I’ve had a slice of cake. I want to vacuum the stairs to show off my handiwork better, and then I think I will collapse.

I love doing the “reveal” for DH; I can’t wait until he gets home tonight. It’s sort of my version of the cat bringing home the dead mouse, except I get a better reception.


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What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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