Meal Planning Calendar

As part of the change of the new year I’m doing little organizing things.  I’ve cleaned out some closets, and sorted through toys.  I saw a tip online to use google calendars for meal planning. You can set a meal to repeat every X number of weeks or days. I like that. You can drag a meal to the next day if you end up doing something else. This system will work for any electronic calendar, of course, and some maybe better than others. Since I already use google calendars for the family, color coding a different color for each person, it was easy to add another color for meals.

Google has a number of calendars you can add with just a few clicks in the Calendar Settings area.  They have moon phases, which I like because my pedantic brain sees the moon as being full only on one particular night out of 28.  The others are all waxing and waning.  Or gibbous.  I love the word “gibbous”.  It makes me think of monkeys.  And of course you can add public holidays, which is a convenient reminder to me as to why on earth the roads are so empty and the shops closed.

I also added a shared calendar to determine which girl gets to choose TV first.  The battles have become protracted and end with more than one sulky “it’s not FAIR!”  Where do they get this idea that life is fair?  Is it urban legend they contract, like pink eye, from the other kids at school?  This TV schedule is simply two events, one labeled “Charlotte” and happens every other day.  The other, you’ll never guess is, yes, it’s called “Margaret”.  In our house, the girl with first pick gets to turn the TV on and then later, at bedtime, has to stand by helplessly while the other girl turns off the TV.  It’s amazing what fertile minds can find to fight over.

Margaret is so organized that she likes to have a calendar to consult in the morning.  I mark when she has library day (remember to bring your book!) or dance (pack your dance bag) or a play date.  Now she also can consult to see who has TV Preeminence.


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1 Response to Meal Planning Calendar

  1. Rachel g says:

    Great ideas, you’ve inspired me. Yay google!

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