About Margaret & Charlotte, January 2012

I had to take a break from the painting. I sort of lost patience at one point yesterday and stalked off in a huff. Yeah, not the most mature move on my part. I can blame the rest of the family for it but really, no one held a gun to my head and said, “it’s time for you to have a hissy fit.” And the blame game is further filed under immature.

I think I’m better now. But I’m not sure my sense of humor is fully back. I’ll expect to see it tomorrow. We’ll see.

I took a nap on the couch while DH took the Hooligans sledding. They finished a bit early because Charlotte was cold, so she crawled under the blankets with me when she got home. She does such sweet things. She is a terrible thumb-sucker and will cuddle me while sucking her thumb. And then she’ll reach out her pinky to touch me and smile. When she gets out of school she wants to sit on my lap on the front seat and cuddle. She will face me and try to lean back and honk the horn, while prevent her from startling the tar out of her classmates. Then she’ll say “I want to take ethrything off,” [sic] meaning her hat, coat and gloves. She gets her blankey and favorite stuffed animal out of her tote, tucks her thumb into her mouth, and rests her head on my shoulder. Then she will spend about half and hour giggling and gazing lovingly at me. I think I have a thousand and one photos of her taken from that viewpoint.

Margaret has a terrible time cuddling. She is still so full of the wiggles and squiggles. I touch her and she gets jumpy, but she tells me she wants the contact. I try to rub her back or stroke her hair, since she finds those more soothing, but heaven help you if you have her on your lap. You find every elbow and knee and bone in her body.

At 7 she already likes to be related to as a grownup. I just upgraded her ipod from my old recalled one to DH’s old one with a camera built in. She is so responsible that I’d be very surprised if that thing ever breaks. If so it will be beyond her control and she’ll be upset. (I may regret putting that down in writing….)

Margaret draws me pictures of princesses. She will cut them out and mount them on construction paper and last night she “mailed” one to me by putting it in an envelope and addressing it (return address too!). She even drew a stamp. Later she made one for Charlotte and “mailed” it to Charlotte’s room. Charlotte was so pleased to get mail!

Now that Margaret is old enough we are reading chapters books together. I’ll read a chapter or two aloud at night and we’ll talk about the book. We’ve been reading the OZ books, with a detour to Pippi Longstocking, and she jumped ahead and started to read “A little princess”. I’d picked it up for her to read a bit later, when she’s older, but she started reading and now she’s gotten to the bit when Captain Crew dies of a fever and Sarah is destitute. I’ll need to read her over that hump because it is so sad. I talked with her about how Sarah has courage, how she has the mental and emotional resources to get through it–though not in those words. I think “The Secret Garden” would have been a better Burnett starting point but I didn’t know she was reading ALP until she was already in love with Sarah.

I have such fond memories of my mother reading out loud to us when we were kids. She read to us long after we could read on our own, trying to pick books that would have been beyond us if we were reading alone. I also remember my mom reading EVERYWHERE. She read when she washed dishes, her book propped on the window sill in a cook book holder. She read when she weeded in the garden, I have no idea how. And of course she read whenever she was stuck waiting in line or in a waiting room. I would read with her. I remember us lying on the grass in the back yard and reading, lying on the couch, sitting in the upstairs hall, and of course, lying in bed. Half cuddling and each with her own book. When the weather is warm it will be nice to set up the hammock and read with Margaret under the trees and repeat that wonderful tradition.


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What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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