Color Selection

You’d think that picking a (many bad words belong here) paint color wouldn’t be so hard. Yeah well …

Ordinarily it’s not that tough for me to choose paint color but, one, we are looking to use a lot of different colors in the master bedroom, and two I’m letting DH have input. And before he starts getting upset and reminding me that he’s been very easy-going about the whole color-selection process, I have to say that THAT is part of the problem. The other parts include this additional pressure that it’s his room too, and that he doesn’t have my final vision for the room. He has simply been told “trust the vision”. And maybe that’s because I don’t know what that vision is.

Five paint samples and none are a good option for the bedroom.

I did find a color I like for the stair hallway, though. Our house is compact (small) and retro (old) and so has no space that is wasted (it’s small). Small has it’s advantages. There’s less to (not) clean. We can’t store a lot of stuff so we don’t get overly burdened down by stuff (though lord help us, we try, oh yes we try).

But this is pertinent to the hall because the stairs start mere feet from the front door and go all of the way up the second floor. They planned that well. The upstairs hall is wide enough for me to put both palms flat on each wall (at the same time). It is long enough to have one wall that is simply two doors. Building code says you need an electrical outlet every X feet and the hall qualifies as satisfying code by having zero outlets. It’s okay because I can vacuum the entire upstairs with the vacuum plugged in to the bathroom. And what else would I need to plug in?

So it’s a small hallway and it has no windows. The ceiling over the stairs does go way up up up, all the way to the top of the room (funny that) so I have two large walls. I found a jolly yellow, one that is just a tad toward orange, maybe like a hot sun yellow. One wall will be yellow.

One color decision down. I have no idea if the opposite wall will be yellow or something else, and if something else, what?


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