The bathroom bone’s connected to the stair bone

The Bathroom Fan Anxiety and the OMG That’s A Short Attic are really just sidebars to what I’ve been doing lately.

What have I been doing? (insert stern look here)

It’s all got to do with the slow shower drain, goes through spackling the bedroom to painting the ceiling in the stairway, and ends up with what I really want to talk about: taking out carpet. And this is all since Sunday.

You see, on Sunday DH had a friend over to watch the football. The friend brought his daughter to play with our girls, so I was sort of left at loose ends. Not a bad thing. I spent some time trying to open up the very slow drain in the shower but was unable to make progress. I hate not making progress, so to chalk up an easy win, I grabbed the spackle tub that I had upstairs and filled in the holes I recently made when fixing the fallen curtain in Margaret’s room.

For various reasons, every room upstairs, except Margaret’s has ceiling damage, so I started to scrape and spackle. I was so successful that on Monday I sanded and respackled the bigger cracks and gaps in the hallway, and today I put on a first coat of ceiling paint. Well, a first half coat since I’ve run out of paint.

So while I was vacuuming the stairs I thought again about pulling up the carpet there. After some googling I think I can totally do it. My only concern is that the stairs will now be louder as the carpet won’t be there to muffle people’s steps. Oh yeah, and I need DH to agree to it too. Details.


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2 Responses to The bathroom bone’s connected to the stair bone

  1. Beth Chapple says:

    We’re also pulling up carpet: master bedroom and office done so far, with existing oak floors professionally refinished. Should I put the pics up on Flickr? New baseboards are being milled.

    But when we started pulling it up on the stairs, we found ugly, unfinished pine. Now what?

    • lgiletti says:

      Pine can be stained to a color you prefer. It can look like oak or cherry or something in between. There are also stains that are built into polyurethane sealers so you are doing a one-step stain and seal. Just be sure to sand first as the wood is probably somewhat rough and you want it smooth enough for bare feet.

      You can also go with paint. I’ve seen some striking paint jobs on stairs: black treads with white risers and vice versa. I have a board on Pinterest where I was collecting images of painted stairs.

      I’d love to see photos of the oak floors.

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