Today I was squirreling stuff away for the winter months. Or maybe just re-stocking the freezer. I heard recently that you can grate cheese and freeze it, and this has been an awesome addition to the freezer! I’ve got American cheese slices, mozzarella, and jack cheese, all set for mac-n-cheese, pizza, and Mexican cooking. I’m also testing a few new things to see how well they freeze: cream cheese and Silk creamer. I have some sour cream and ricotta that I’d like to try out as well. I’m sure the fats can separate out but if I’m using them in cooking it might not matter.

Last night I looked and the only veg we had in the house were canned tomatoes and corn. And properly (pedantically) speaking corn is a grain, not a veg. I bought broccoli, green beans, carrots, and peppers. I blanched the broccoli and green beans, some is for dinner tonight or tomorrow, and I froze the extra broccoli florets. I did the “IQF” method of spreading them out on a silicone-lined baking sheet and then transferring to a ziplock once frozen. I steamed 2 lbs of carrots, and IQF’ed them, as well as another 2 lbs of cut up zucchini (raw). I took the remaining 3 lbs of carrots and ran them through the food processor, one pound at a time, and they are in their own blocks in the freezer. I will use the carrots for making pasta sauce in the future.

I did all of this because I’ve been finding the commercially frozen vegetables I am buying are just water-logged. I’m not sure if the problem is that I’m buying cheap vegetables, or have frozen veg always been like this and my perspective has changed?


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