Back to school

It’s back to school and work today. For the first time I’m sad to see everyone go back to routine. We had a lovely time, some days we didn’t leave the house at all, we just played with new toys, watched TV and had fun together. Some days we went out to the zoo or Staten Island, and that was fun too. It was nice to have my sweet girls and DH around.

Sure the girls bickered and whined and got yelled at for it. There were some timeouts and some short words, but there were long cuddles and soft kisses too.

Today is cold, in the 20s, though it’s been in the 40s mostly. It doesn’t feel like the dead of Winter yet. It feels like spring isn’t far away, though I know that’s not true. Our lawn is still green and the trees haven’t taken on that greyish brown that is yet to come. I feel like Winter isn’t so bad, and March is so close. I am kidding myself, I know. But this is the optimistic part of Winter.

I was watching TV with DH and one last Christmas-themed ad was on. I joked that I couldn’t wait until this holiday junk was over and we could get down to the grim business of winter. But that isn’t true. I’m secretly hoping for a snowy winter like last year. Snow to whisper down in the night, to shovel and make great piles, to freeze my feet and to try out the insulation on my new winter boots. Snow for snow forts: last winter DH and I spread blankets on the bench we built into the snow bank and we sat and drank wine and looked at the stars. Snow for snow picnics: when I was in college I was dating a boy (clearly of the inferior sort since he wasn’t DH) and the boy’s mom had us bundle up and took us out into the woods on a sunny day when the snow was freshly fallen and we had a picnic of hot soup and fresh bread. I’d love to do that with my girls. Snow for sledding: we can sled on a slope in the back yard, or go to one of the local schools for a long and steep slope, and Margaret has discovered a new hill she’d like to try that we pass when walking to and from her school.

I will need to bookmark this post and see if I still feel nostalgic and wistful for snow come mid-February. I’ve asked DH to see if he can take off the week of February vacation. We can go back to Staten Island, and the girls want to do the ferry ride from Hoboken to Manhattan again, and to see the Irish Famine Memorial in lower Manhattan, and most importantly, to play in the playgrounds down there. They want to re-try the giant metal slide that ends in a big sandpit (bring shovel and pail, declares Margaret). They also want to revisit Liberty Science Center, and maybe we can even go to Ellis Island. I’m not sure I’d like Ellis, or even if it’s age-appropriate for the kids, but mix a ferry ride plus open space and there’s bound to be fun. We’ll have to see if the weather cooperates, of course.

Those may be April vacation activities, more than February, but in February we can go to museums–The Brooklyn Museum is near where Knuffle Bunny lives, and the Museum of the City of NY is also a good one. I’d love to go to the Met in NYC–that can be spun out over DAYS. And if we go to the Met I need to read From the mixed up files of Mrs Basil E frankweiler beforehand.


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