Between Christmas and New Year

Developments this week:

– No one left the house for two or three days. I solved a 1,000-piece puzzle, the new toys were thoroughly enjoyed by the kids, DH watched a lot of TV.

– I made a boule that was my best bread ever. Best flavor, best texture. I let it rest 24 hours. Got to remember that.

– I made creamy mac-n-cheese, quesadillas, and granola.

– I got a call for jury duty. I actually find jury duty interesting, but I’ve only served once in my life and that was a looong time ago. It was pre-DH so that is before 1992. But to serve jury duty leaves the kids without someone to take care of them, so I hope I get excused. In my county being a caregiver is a good excuse.

– I got weight watchers frozen dinners for me & DH on massive sale. Normally they are 3/$9, today they were on sale for $1.77 and there was a coupon “buy 10, get $3 off”, so they were $1.47. Not like these are the healthiest option in the world but there are few meals I can make that cost us less than a buck fiddy.

– I’m reading two mystery stories at once. Here’s a safety tip: don’t read two mystery stories at once. One is set in Ireland, male protagonist/detective, he has family problems to the Nth degree. The other is set in Trenton, female prot/dick, family problems. Both need to be back at the library soon.

– It was warm enough today to open up the house and air things out. I fear this is my last chance until Spring.

– I still need to plant my spring bulbs. Doh.


About lgiletti

What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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