And I appear on the other side of the holidays, seemingly intact.

We kept things low-key today, to try and recover from the excesses of the last several days. DH is one of five kids, all are married, all have kids. When the five get together things get loud and busy really fast. Having grown up in a far quieter household, as well as being someone who can’t stand loud noises, it’s kind of hard on me. Individually they are all nice but it’s Christmas, we have wine with dinner, maybe a drink beforehand, and the volume just goes up.

Last night was the crescendo, with the kitchen hot and windows and doors open, adding the element of cold to the mix. I like The Pogues pretty well and can sing along (quietly) as well as any of them but the belting was a bit much for me ….

and the boys of the NYPD choir were singing Galway Bay, and the bells were ringing out for Christmas day!

The girls were up until 9pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Saturday night Charlotte put herself in a timeout on the couch with her special blanket but it’s family who hasn’t seen her for ages so she didn’t get much quiet.

It’s not something they do to be mean, in fact, it’s how they feel loved together in this loud and loving environment. But as an “outlaw”, as we who have married in are called, I think I have the hardest time of it. Heck, I have one BIL who is one of like six or eight kids! He’s right in the thick of everything. I probably mind things less if I’ve had a good amount of wine but my liver is not as strong as your average bear (read: lightweight) and I can’t keep up.

Then, of course, it’s the holidays, so there is rich and delicious food everywhere! I don’t want to jinx things but I don’t think I put on some crazy amount of weight, but some plain cooking will be ok with me. I don’t mind the prep–it seems odd that I don’t have to keep in mind to prep food, or bake bread, or do a cake. I brought a pound cake to MIL’s on Friday, Saturday I was prepping for Sunday brunch, and then Sunday DH and I did brunch for 20+ people. I never get an accurate head count, but once you are at 20 what’s one or three more?

tweeted a photo of the counter with some of our prepped food: 5 pounds of bacon, 4 loaves of bread (two pull-apart, two regular), 3 batches of home fries for a crowd, 2 trays of cinnamon rolls, 1 giant coffee cake and 30 scrambled eggs, plus many pots of coffee, a jar of jam, orange juice, oh and other stuff I’m sure I’m forgetting.


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What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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