Electrical and Dry Wall

Saturday was a bit of a bust during the day. Well, a bust as far as getting the garage moved forward. In the early evening I worked on the basement section of the project and with Margaret’s company and help I installed a junction box, terminated one of the two circuits on that cable, and ran the wire out to the garage. Then I filled the voids at the end of each floor joist with insulation and capped them with dry wall. They need caulking to ensure there is no air movement but that can happen any time this winter.

What made this work tough was the quantity of services running past each joist. You can see the black pipe that is a gas line. There is also a cold water pipe and electrical cabling. You can see the new junction box at the top (labeled with circuit info).

Sunday I completed the electrical work, installing two GFI outlets in the garage, one in the wall and one overhead. The circuits tested good and so I plugged in the garage door opener and our cupola light. I reset the timer on the cupola light and so last night for the first time in a long while we had cupola light! With the electrical and insulation complete we hung the dry wall and called it a night.

What all of this doesn’t tell you is how very cold it was doing the work. The garage is unheated, and the ceiling and two walls are still clad in concrete, as well as the floor being a concrete slab. The cold gets in, sets in, and stays in. I am particularly sensitive to cold, especially in my feet (my podiatrists suspects Raynaud’s). Inside my boots I had the adhesive foot warmers (Thank you, Meg!) but they still weren’t enough. I stopped and took a hot hot shower, put on clean clothes, and DH fed me. The girls were only too happy to cuddle with me under a blanket. At about 4pm DH asked if I wanted to get the dry wall hung. The fire-rated dry wall is significantly heavier than the regular stuff and I needed his help to get it up. If it wasn’t Sunday I’d have to wait a week. So up I got again.

He tried to help but the reality is that I have a better understanding of what needs to be done, so he managed the kids in between helping me, and I froze out in the garage. I had to come in and warm my hands because my fingertips were aching too much. I also had to wash off the dry wall dust–that chalky sticky squeaky feel gets to me after a while.

And when I was done working my body was so cold, plus I had another tons and a half of dust in my hair, so I took another shower and bundled into a whole bunch of layers of clothing. This sort of cold takes a beating out of me. My limbs just feel so tired today, my hands are aching. At least my toes feel fine! And the dry wall is in.


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