Electrical Progress at last!

Strange how frustration can turn around so easily. I got some parts, and tonight I got the junction box done, with some help from Margaret. I ran the cable all the way through the basement side of the drywall and through the insulation new insulation, but the receptacle (the thing that holds the outlets) that I got doesn’t fit in the space I have, so it’s ANOTHER trip to HD.

The crazy thing is the circuit I have from the electrical panel is 3-wire, so instead of the traditional black-white-ground I have black-white-red-ground. The garage door opener was on a dedicated circuit, and there was an outlet near the floor that was also on a dedicated circuit. When you consider that Breaker 7 has more than 15, yes FIFTEEN, items on it, it’s crazy to dedicate two circuits to the garage.

I installed a junction box and terminated Circuit 16 there, and continued Circuit 18 on into the garage. 18 will power the garage door opener, the outlet on the floor, and the light for the cupola on top of the garage. I checked and garage door openers do not need their own circuits.

I ran traditional 14-gauge 2-wire cable from the new junction to the garage, and once I have an outlet box I’ll wire up the GFI outlet there and run power up to the garage door and cupola. Those simply plug into a 3-prong GFI outlet in the ceiling. I was hoping to run the cabling through the walls and ceiling but I am not sure how to get past the ceiling rim joist. I can get up the wall, and I can get across the ceiling, but getting the twain to meet without jeopardizing the structural integrity is a concern. I have conduit to run it outside the wall but that’s so … unappealing.


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