The Project Process

I have to say that this is the sort of planning that I think helps my projects to come together. When I was working-for-a-paycheck I worked in IT and we frequently had to write down what we were doing in a project–not just “replace the server” but step by step. I found that for some skills it just helps to run through them in your head. So I visualize hanging the dry wall and so if the dry wall is attached like *so* can we tape and mud? Are we creating new obstacles? It also allows me to do research online to see what other people recommend, or what products are out there to do what I need to do. I can’t do work in the garage when the girls are around but with an iphone I can research products and processes anywhere.

Through this thinknig I’ve realized that I will probably have dry wall down to the floor. But since the garage is prone to getting small amounts of water, it is worth cementing around the bottom after the dry wall is installed. It will create a good join where I have removed the existing cement walls and will provide water resistance. I may get strips of ditra, like they use in a shower stall, and run that around the base. This would create a “bathtub” effect for the garage, excepting of course that the doors will allow water to flow out so our tub needs only to be 1″ deep.

I also know that being able to visualize something in my head like that isn’t a skill everyone has. I know DH cannot make a mental picture of an object that he can, in his head, turn around and try a different way. He won’t mull over a project, he needs to get his hands on the thing and get the tactile feedback from the object.

Something else I’ve been thinking that is useful to apply to my projects is the cooking concept of mis en place. The idea is to have all of your tools and supplies close to hand. In cooking it means having already measured ingredients, or chopped veg, or chiffinaded herbs (as if). In home projects it is thinking through what supplies I will need, and having them close to hand. Some mornings when I know I’ll be working on the garage I set things up–running electrical into the garage, collecting tools, prepping my tool belt for the projects I need to address.


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What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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