Did you know insulation has a smell? It’s sort of like … burnt caramel. But with a creepy undertone. Did you know that they are now touting fiberglass insulation as “safe to touch”? So much so that they have samples in a box for you to touch. But they still have warnings on the package to use gloves, safety goggles and respirator, which I did except for the safety goggles because they were fogging up.
My researches have confirmed that I need to use fire rated dry wall on the wall between the house and the garage, and that all materials need to be fire rated. I got the fire rated dry wall and MAN is it heavy. Regular dry wall is 1/2″, this is 5/8″, and regularly I get the newer lighter dry wall sheets because they are simply so much easier to manage by yourself. I had a helpful HD worker help me load up my cart with the sheets–and he recognized me and commented on it. After I paid I asked them to help me load it into the truck I’d rented from HD. The fellow was 6′ tall and decided to load the sheets onto the truck by starting with the one furthest from the truck, and lifting it up over the other sheets. Fine. But I’m 5’5″ and so I’m lifting these extra-heavy sheets up over my head. I finally said something to him because he also was in the easier position that was closest to the flatbed of the truck. Really, dude!

After I’d first loaded the cart I had a moment’s pause because the clock was already ticking on the truck rental and I knew I just could NOT unload them by myself. A couple of panicked texts later and my friend M was meeting me at my house (and thank you thank you thank you to M!!). So note for future reference: when renting the truck make sure you have someone to help unload on the other end, JIC.

When I went back to return the truck, after stopping at a gas station to get “one gallon of whatever is cheapest”, I was recognized by the plumbing guy who helped with my sink drain questions in the spring. Then I made sure to advise the rental return that I’d made sure the mirrors were set for someone of short stature, the seat was as far forward as possible, and that the radio was tuned to Lite-FM. Loudly. And therefore it is all set for the next guy. Big Grin

And then on the way out one of the fellows who generally deals with (real) contractors commented that I was *still* there and he’d seen me there all morning. Something tells me they don’t get a lot of chicks in there buying sheets of dry wall and walking around in a pink down jacket. Shrug

The unexpected heaviness of the dry wall sheets means I really need someone to help with the hanging. I’m hoping DH can carve out some time for it, mainly because he’s the one who is really anxious for me to finish. I already have fiberglass tape for the joins (fireproof) and I have mud (also fireproof). I may need some fireproof caulk, so my recently refined caulking skills will come in handy.

In order to maintain fireproofness (is that a word?) I need to minimize holes in the wall. I removed the faucet–that would be the one that was installed cockeyed so it was pointing, wait for it, directly at the electrical outlet! So that is one less opening, but I need electrical. I was hoping to run electrical inside the dry wall but the ceiling plate is in the way. I’m thinking of opening a bit of the ceiling to run electrical to the outlet for the garage door opener. I just hope the joists run crosswise and not longwise. Logic would state that they do, but I know sometimes logic has nothing to do with it. Actually … given that the peak of the roof runs front-to-back tells me the trusses (ceiling joists) will run the way I want. So I will just need to improvise a fishing line to get the wiring from Point A to Point B.


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