The Day After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving went well for the most part. DH buggered off after dinner and I was stuck socializing with MIL. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a very nice lady, but she was tired and was struggling to make small talk. I was wondering where he was because it was time to take her home.

I remembered to butter my pie plate before putting in the pie crust. I remembered to put foil over the bits of stuffing *before* they started to burn. I started cooking first thing and actually it worked out well because I had time to clean as I went. While the meat rested I even cleaned the roasting pan!

Today it was back to work. The girls had a playdate so DH and I went to Home Depot. I confess I actually got bored while he was looking at chain saws and barbecue grills. We have a grill and generally speaking don’t need a chain saw. I’m at HD so much that I’m sort of a go in and get out customer. There were a few things on sale but nothing fantabulous. And there were a few things they put signs on as though they were on sale but were the usual prices: the attic insulation is $9.97 a package all the time. But today it was $9.97.

I was out on the roof again today re caulking and painting the same dormer windows and cupola. And I think I’m getting stronger at leaning out the side window in our bedroom to crane about and paint that. It’s got three coats and I declare it officially done. D.U.N., done. The two dormers are probably done but, well, I did a bad thing.

Do you know what “scope creep” is?

Scope creep is when you set out to do one thing (e.g., give a mouse a cookie) and it develops into much more. When I worked for a paycheck as an IT consultant it was something we really had to watch out for. You know, you submit a quote to do X job for $A and then when you do XYZ and it costs $ABC, the client can end up quite unhappy.

Well, I painted more of the dormer windows because they looked cruddy. And I caulked the garage door because, well, it looked cruddy too. And the door out the back of the garage? Yeah, that’s mostly scraped and awaiting priming and painting.

How do you spell “sucker”?


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What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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