The Garage Project: staying focused

I’m still trying to stay focused on the garage project. It’s not easy. I did, however, spend many hours in there today and I have just the last bay to open up, and the ceiling to cut. In the meantime I had to concede defeat on the garage yesterday so I worked more on weather stripping the downstairs windows. Funny how the first floor windows are so much easier to reach than the 2nd floor windows.

So we have quite the hodge podge of windows. The three in the livingroom and the one in the dining room are all actually the same. Then the kitchen one is placed precariously over the half-rotten bilco doors (those sloping doors to the basement). During the power outage I managed to rip the hinges off one door so I know they’re not very sturdy anymore. They’re not a home security risk since the door at the bottom of the stairs is wedged tightly in and locks both with a keyed bolt and a simple slide bolt. But they are a standing-on risk. I’m not sure how to weather strip the top half.

I also investigated the window behind DH’s computer. It’s a wooden double-hung classic colonial window, like the rest of the house BUT someone converted it to “modern” by removing the window weights and putting aluminum slides on either side. This aluminum also holds a storm window of the kind that slides up and down. This window has always been super drafty, so years ago I propped a piece of Plexiglas against it and a viola! no draft. But it’s hugely ugly. With my newer knowledge I see 101 places it needs caulking, so that’s on the list. I don’t know that it’s weather strippable.

So here’s the story of the investigation. I looked from the outside and couldn’t see much. So I come inside and carefully move DH’s keyboard, mouse and monitor. I forget to move the lamp with the green glass shade and bam! hit it with the plexi. DH gets a bit upset and comes over to help. The irreparably damaged lamp keeps getting in the way so … since I have my toolbelt on I whip out my nippers and cut the electric cable. Without unplugging. It produced a really cool snap! and a beautiful bright flash! DH jumped and dropped several pieces of glass on the floor and I don’t know why, he got more irate. Shrug So he goes to discard the lamp and the various bits of glass but I can’t locate the big pieces on the floor because I’ve still got an afterimage burned on my corneas.

This is when Charlotte needed to come over and investigate. And when she investigates she’s like a puppy who needs to get right up and in your … stuff. I hollered for her to back up which of course produced tears and a need for a cuddle, but I don’t know where these pieces of glass are. So then I called for DH who is out in the garage trying to throw out the lamp and of course he couldn’t hear me.

Oh what a mess.

The good news is that I think I might have found the solution to the fact that we get moisture in between the storm window and the house window. This morning all of the weather stripped windows were not at all fogged up (except one that I knew was leaky and is now re-stripped).

I have four windows upstairs that I know I can work on, plus one more that I’m not sure I can reach, and two more that I think are as weathertight as they can be. I’ll see how they go. And meanwhile the garage is still pending.


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What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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