Halloween Candy

I’m a bit of a Halloween candy witch in that my kids get two pieces for dessert and that’s it for the day. My kids would have candy through Thanksgiving if I didn’t raid their bags. The other day Charlotte was accounting for what she’d eaten saying “I had Em-Nems and a chocolate muffin.” Margaret and I looked at each other, baffled. What’s a chocolate muffin? Turns out it’s a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Muffin. Indeed.

I am having a devil of a time staying focused on a project long enough to complete it. I know this is generally a problem for DIYers as well as people in general. Today we really had to hunker down and focus to get the leaves moved off of the lawn. There is so much other stuff that we want to do: organize the umpteen branches that fell in the storm (these to the town for composting, these to the firepit for burning), planting bulbs, cutting down herbiage that runs amok in the Fall, and on and on.

Each day I go into the basement and spend 10 minutes to paint one side of the storm window for the living room. I’ve got one side done (primer plus two coats) and now the other side needs just two coats of paint and then weather stripping. I don’t know what I can do to keep my clothes clean. I am pretty expert on getting paint on every piece of clothes I own. I have this image of a sort of a doctor’s lab coat that buttons in the back, or an apron with long sleeves and a wide sash to tie my street clothes close to me.

Each day I look at what needs doing and I have to be firm and remind myself that the garage and the storm windows are vast openings that need to be attended to before I fuss about the little cracks between the double-hung windows–though I’m annoyed that the weather stripping I decided I like is no longer at my local Home Depot. And yes, I’ve taken time to go to HD to check out their stock.

If only the sun were out for longer I could go and do some good when the girls are in bed.


About lgiletti

What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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