Got a FB friend request from a boy I had a crush on in HS. BOY has he changed. LOL! No worries about that crush anymore. What puzzles me is he had dark red hair back then, now he looks almost like Jerry Orbach. Now THERE’S an attractive thought. Not!

I’m just chuckling to myself.

This is reason 103456 to use your kid or your dog as your avatar. Or your screen-cleaning office teddy bear from 1998, complete with a bit of red bow showing in the background.

What? You don’t know about my avatar? Let’s fire up the way back machine …

Way back when I got a paycheck I worked in IT. One of my clients was based in London with some of their tech people in Paris. I did a few very early cutovers for them (uh, a.k.a. projects) and I would start tired and loopy, they would end up that way. Picture working from 1am to 11am and on the phone all that time conferenced between Paris and London.

One day they asked what I look like. Unh hunh. Translation: “soooo …. are you cute?” I sent them this photo. After that I would send them photos of the bear: on my keyboard like he was wiped out with exhaustion, or propped up on a cup of coffee, stuff like that. So for the three of us it was a running gag.

Some time after this had been going on I was working in the company staff directory on Outlook. I was showing some features to someone and I “accidentally” deleted my photo in the directory. Oops. I later uploaded the bear avatar. Occasionally someone would comment but I think management and HR never knew what I had done.

I do regret that I bequeathed the bear to a colleague when I left the job. I liked him because he had an intelligent glint in his eye. He had a “suede” (or was it “suedene”?) belly that was great for cleaning your computer screen; he was originally sold as a screen cleaner. I made a few PowerPoint “movies” with him, my epic piece being The Lord of The Rings. Done with office desk toys. I’ll see if I can find it.


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What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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