Wednesday, November 3

Monday afternoon, after trick or treating on Main Street since the town basically had to cancel Halloween, we got home to find the house warm and the lights working. Hallelujah!

Margaret has had no school all week but tomorrow her school is finally open. If we get half of the snow we got last year we won’t have April vacation. Charlotte’s school has been open but there haven’t been a lot of kids there. There are still a lot of people without power.

My BIL pointed out that it’s a good thing it’s not the middle of winter because people’s pipes would freeze. Our house got as low as 45 in 48 hours.

Today I worked on the front yard, I took the branches and decided we have ample twigs for fire starting, but I saved the larger boughs and logs. My goal was to get so I could rake the wet leaves off of the grass before the grass died. It’s iffy enough as it is without the leaves goin’ and killin’ ’em off! While I was working the garbage men came down my street. It’s not a collection day but I waved to them and they stopped! I was surprised and said, “No really I was just being friendly!” but they explained they were collecting leaves. It’s a shame they didn’t notify people in advance, but hey, I’ll take it! They emptied the bag of twigs I had made, making me sorry I’d decided to stack them up instead of bagging. The town has said it may take as long as six weeks to finish collecting all of the curbside branches.

Driving around the local towns you see every street has either snow banks or low piles of leaves and branches were a giant branch was resting. These stick out the width of a parked car. At least in the residential streets people are mostly cleaning it up now. I made sure to clean our curb side gutter to improve drainage off the roof. The front of the house now looks pretty normal. The roof has a thick collection of leaves and I didn’t clean out the planting beds, but that’s pretty normal. I let DH make it all pretty, I do the big picture work.

The back, on the other hand, well … it’s a mess. Most of the bigger branches are broken down to twigs or logs 2-3′ long.

Today I took the chance to do some indoor work. There is a new corner of the basement where water is getting in. The original leaky corner seems to be better with the gutter extension plus the grading of the dirt nearby. I think the other side needs grading too now. I stuck a water sensor in the new corner but there was so much debris that it never went off. Today I vacuumed up the debris which was one of those “if you give a pig a pancake” things which basically led to me vacuuming the whole basement, including the walls where the paint is chipping off. Rest easy, I already had it tested for lead and it came up negative.

So in my vacuuming zeal I knocked over one of my bottles of home made vanilla extract. Fortunately it was the 750ml and not the 1.5 liter bottles, but it broke on the cement floor and I had a job in front of me to clean it up. That spot on the floor looks so much cleaner than the rest. I’m tempted to get the garden hose into the basement and hose the floor clean. What? We have the sump pump!


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What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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