Halloween Snowstorm

I don’t know if you heard but we had a snow storm this weekend. Saturday, when we were supposed to be raking leaves and getting ready for Halloween, Margaret and I were driving in the car through driving snow to run a couple of errands. I needed a replacement piece of glass for a storm window that was cracked years ago, before we bought the house, in fact, and Margaret wanted to cash in her birthday gift certificates. My friend J was coming over and she has rashly offered to watch the girls while we went out (bwahahaha!) so I wanted to get some mozzarella so they all could make pizzas and such.

With each stop we were getting hungrier and the snow was getting thicker. This is crazy! It’s not even Halloween. I started singing Christmas carols in the car. I’m practicing so I can really embarrass her when she’s a teenager.

It wasn’t until after we had lunch and were driving home that it start to sink in that this is going to be some serious snow. The roads were pretty slippery but I have a lot of experience driving in snow, so that doesn’t bother me much. You just need to go slow, use a gently touch on the wheel and pedals, and be grateful for the manual transmission on the car.

We turn off of Main Street and there is a power line that’s down. I call 911, not knowing who else to call, but I figured they needed to know. As I’m in the phone (using my headset, please! I’m trying to be safe) I see there are cops ahead so I say I’ll tell them. Um, as I drew closer I saw they were monitoring an electrical fire and really they have better things to worry about plus I am not going to get closer tyvm. I tell the 911 dispatcher so she relays the info to the town and I continue home.

As it turns out, the road I had detoured onto is blocked completely by a fallen tree. It’s not surprising, we do have about 4 inches of snow and it’s still falling thickly. 4″ wouldn’t be an issue normally but it’s early Autumn and the trees have only just started to shed leaves.

I’m concerned that I will be stuck in the snow if I try to turn around, so I drive up to the fallen tree and get out of my car, instructing the girls to stay put. I signal to the driver behind me that the road is blocked. A bunch of us are now at the tree which, fortunately, broke apart on impact, so we start to clear branches. Here’s the astounding part. The property owner who was closest to the tree is telling us to move it not 5′ to the curb but 25′ to the opposite side of the street. We ignore him. But he doesn’t want it on his laaaaawn! He really wanted us to move it to the other side. In a driving snowstorm. I was so mad I called him names, I shouted “Dude!” and I yelled at him, I said, “way to be community minded!”

Yeah, I’m sure those words sunk home and he lay awake feeling bad about it. Seriously, those were the words that came to mind. I was *so* mad at him for being so selfish at a time like that.

When we got home I went out into the yard to try to free the shrubs from the weight of the wet snow but it really was a losing battle. The snow was coming down fast and I swear every two minutes I’d hear the cracking of a branch as it fell from one tree or another. I went to the front of the house and found the girls all bundles up and playing in the snow so I quickly herded them into the house. DH sees them coming in and hollers at me because it took him like 20 minutes to get them suited up and en-armoured. I sent him outside to have some time by himself and after a while he tapped on the window and said he realized what I meant. It’s not about me being right, it’s about the fact that it was a nice moment for us two to connect.

After we got home I had tried to stop J from coming over but she never got the message and she arrives with only the comment that people in NJ need to learn to drive. Other similar comments could have been about the Pope being Catholic, or bears and hygiene practices, but she left those out. She settled in with the girls and DH and I went out to the closest bar (where I was skeeved by the fruit flies at the bar). After we got back, and as she was clearing the snow off of her car a giant branch fell onto the car!! She ducked and somehow was absolutely fine.

We came out and I McGyvered the 20+ foot branch off. I grabbed my gardening hack saw and trimmed off the smaller branches one by one until the weight of the biggest part tipped it backward to DH on the other side of the car. DH was all for just shoving it the other way but one, I was concerned for her paint job, and two, I wasn’t so sure it would *go* since the branches were on the ground and on the shrubs and all. Her car was freed in about 10-15 minutes and she was on her way.

During the afternoon my two SILs who live one town over had lost power so I invited them to our house, since we had power. Well, until sometime between 10 and midnight.


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What's to say? I cook, I garden, I repair things. I get into trouble sometimes but I get myself out again.
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